D.H. Software Systems Limited is a software company that has helped many companies to expand and become more profitable by providing them with proven, reliable business solutions which offer significant real world business benefits at a good price.

The company started trading in 1981 and has grown from the smallest supplier to its main specialist market - consumer credit companies CCA - to the largest.

Although the company is not well known nationally its products have had three "excellent" reviews in national computing and business opportunity magazines and a lot of the ideas the company pioneered in the early 80's are now copied by others and used in products that sell world wide!

If you are interested in   automating your  Office Work  or  even  want to forget about office work and computers completely! Then, our office automation products or  Remote Office  Services are for you!

 And, your next step towards reducing your office work to just pressing a few buttons and concentrating on your core business instead  is to contact us on 07831 284 636 or just  click the e-mail  tag below!

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